Vista Real Charter High School

Summer Intersession 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas Frecuentes (español)

1. When does Summer Intersession start?

The first day of Summer Intersession is 7-3-2023.

2. When does Summer Intersession end?

The end date varies by district. Vista Real will need approximately 2 weeks to finalize report cards and
update transcripts.

District End Date
Simi Valley Unified 7-28-2023
Oxnard Union 8-4-2023
Ventura Unified 8-11-2023
Moorpark Unified 8-4-2023
Moorpark HS at the College TBD
Oak Park Unified 7-28-2023
Conejo Valley Unified 8-11-2023
Las Virgenes Unified 8-11-2023
Oaks Christian TBD
Santa Paula Unified TBD
St. Bonaventure TBD

There may be districts that are not listed here.
Districts listed with TBD had not yet released their 2023-2024 calendar when this document was

3. When can students/parents start signing up?

The Course Offerings Form will be available on the VRCHS website on 2-20-2023. The enrollment link will
be available on the website by 3-1-2023. After completing the enrollment link, you will automatically
receive an email with your registration ID and a link to an additional online form that must be
completed to finalize your registration. On the additional form you will use your registration ID to
schedule a mandatory Virtual Orientation and a Technology/Textbook Pick up Day & Time, both of which
will take place in June. You will also utilize this additional form to indicate whether you need an NCAA
approved course. Once you have completed both the enrollment link and the additional online form,
you are considered registered. A staff member will reach out to you should any additional information
be required.

4. When is the last day to enroll?

June 2nd by 4pm is the deadline for completing the enrollment process.

5. What steps need to be taken to complete the enrollment process? (All of these steps must be completed for the student to be enrolled.)

a. Complete the Registration Link

b. Open the automatic reply email to complete the enrollment process (scheduling a
Virtual Orientation Meeting, a Technology/Textbook Pick-up Appointment, and a Virtual Meet & Greet with your teacher on 7/3).

c. Attend a Virtual Orientation Meeting in June (mandatory for parent/guardian and student to attend)

d. Pick up technology and textbooks (with a parent or guardian who can sign the Technology Agreement Form).

e. Attend a Virtual Meet & Greet with your teacher on 7/3 (9am, 11am, or 1pm).

6. What if my student cannot attend the Virtual Meet & Greet on 7/3?

Students will not receive their first credit until they attend a Virtual Meet & Greet. There will be
designated make-up Meet & Greet Sessions 7/5--7/7. Please contact Lily Coffeen to schedule a make-up
Meet & Greet. (See contact information in question 34).

7. When should I expect to hear from Vista Real Summer Intersession Staff?

Summer Intersession Staff will start reaching out to parents/students that have completed the online
enrollment link in mid-April.

8. How many classes/credits can students take?

Students can take a total of 10 credits (2 semester courses) during Summer Intersession.

9. Can students take both courses at the same time?

You must complete 1 course/semester before you may begin the second course/semester

10. Does it matter which course students take first?

You should complete the courses in the order that your counselor recommends. If you haven’t
completed your first credit by Friday, July 28, you will be dropped from Summer Intersession.

11. What if a student has a 504 Plan or IEP?

Please send any 504 Plan or IEP to Shannon DeSantis. (See contact information in question 34.)

12. What steps should be taken if a student decides not to remain enrolled in Summer Intersession?

Whether you make this decision prior to or after Summer Intersession begins on 7-3-2023, please
inform our Operations Staff (805.702.1547) if you decide not to remain enrolled.

13. Is Summer Intersession virtual or in-person?

Summer Intersession will be virtual. Students will be required to attend Virtual Classroom Hours.
We will do our best to accommodate your scheduling preferences; however, there will be specific days
and times that specific courses will be offered.

14. Do students attend every day?

Students will attend Virtual Classroom Hours 2 times per week for 2 hours each session.

15. Is a counselor referral required to sign up for Summer Intersession?

We highly recommend students speak with their high school counselor prior to signing up for Summer
Intersession. Vista Real is not responsible for students that select the wrong course(s) during the

16. Is Summer Intersession free?

Vista Real is a public charter high school. Summer Intersession is free. Note: Students are not allowed
to be enrolled in 2 public high schools simultaneously during the summer.

17. Does the school provide technology?

Yes, Vista Real will provide technology. Students that have technology issued from their home district
will still need to check out technology for Summer Intersession to avoid possible accessibility issues.
Parents or guardians/students will schedule an appointment to pick up technology, novels, and
textbooks at the Camarillo campus (4001 Mission Oaks Blvd. Suite E Camarillo, CA 93012). Parents
and/or guardians are required to sign a technology agreement when they pick up technology.

Technology, novels, and textbooks must be returned to Vista Real within 7 days of the student’s end

18. Can a student use their school issued laptop/family laptop?

To avoid possible accessibility issues, we ask that students use Vista Real issued technology. We have
found that some students with non-Vista Real issued technology have difficulty accessing some of our
educational websites.

19. What courses are offered during Summer Intersession?

The Summer Intersession Course Offerings Form has a list of all courses that are offered during Summer

20. Are Summer Intersession courses a-g/college prep?

An asterisk (*) next to a course indicates that it fulfills a-g requirements.

21. Are your courses NCAA approved?

Yes, Vista Real has courses that are NCAA approved. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian and
the student to check that they are choosing the correct course, which is why Vista Real strongly
recommends students speak to their high school counselor prior to selecting courses. If a student plans
on playing sports at a Division I or Division II university, please indicate that on on the follow-up form
that you receive after filling out the initial enrollment form.

22. Does Vista Real offer Honors courses during Summer Intersession?

Vista Real does not offer Honors courses during Summer Intersession.

23. How do students complete the credits?

Credits will be assigned to students in Google Classroom. Students will use an app called Kami to answer
questions within the credit. Many credits also require a performance task, like an essay or project, that
students will submit through Google Classroom. If a student is unfamiliar with these digital tools, a staff
member will help.

24. What constitutes a credit?

Each assigned Learning Events Packet with all required components is equal to one credit. These are
labeled numerically in the order that they will be assigned and completed. Upon full completion and
grading by a teacher, the student will have earned that credit.

25. What does a completed credit consist of?

Most credits require a completed Learning Events Packet and a Performance Task, like an essay or a

26. What happens if a student doesn’t complete all components of a credit?

A credit is not complete without all components. If a component is missing, the credit will not be
graded. The teacher will return the incomplete credit through Google Classroom which will then alert
the student via school e-mail. It is then the student’s responsibility to complete and re-submit the credit.
Students are welcome to reach out to their teacher any time between 8:00-4:00 M-F for additional

27. What if a student doesn’t complete 5 or 10 credits of a course?

Traditional, comprehensive high school districts may not accept core credits if an entire semester (5
credits) is not completed. That means if a student does not complete 5 credits of a class, the student’s
district will determine how those credits will be applied to the transcript. The transcript will reflect the
total number of credits received out of the number of credits attempted.

28. When will students receive their first credit?

Students will receive their first credit on 7-3-2023.

29. Does the student get all 5 credits of a semester course at the same time?

Students will receive 1 credit at a time in sequential order.

30. What if a student changes their mind about the course(s) they want to take?

Vista Real will gladly accommodate course adjustments prior to 7-3-2023. Please reach out to our
summer school operations staff by emailing: Course change requests after
7-3-2023 should be directed to the appropriate administrator to change your course selection. (See
contact information in question 34). Course changes require an Addendum to the Master Agreement
with additional signatures. These must be submitted within 24 hours of receipt.

31. How will a student’s school get the transcripts?

Transcripts will be sent via FedEx to each high school. Students may request an official transcript to pick
up from Vista Real. Parents should call 805.702.1547 or email to request an
official transcript.

32. When will transcripts be delivered/available?

Transcripts will be sent to each high school prior to the first day of school.

33. What if a student would like to enroll full-time at Vista Real for the 2023-2024 school year?

We would love to have you enroll with us full-time! The student’s parent/guardian should contact
Jessica Ortega ( 805.223.1919) or Juana De Santiago (
805.206.5726) to schedule an orientation appointment at the closest Vista Real learning center to begin
the enrollment process for our year-round program.

34. Who do I contact for questions/concerns?
  • Enrollment Procedures – Operations Staff
  • Technology Pick-Up Questions – Operations Staff
  • 504 Plans/IEPs - Shannon DeSantis
    • 805.273.1334
  • Course Changes
    • Jason Angell (Students with last names A-L )
      • 805.956.1913
    • Stacey Roth (Students with last names M-Z)
      • 805.702.1734
  • Student Progress – Individual Teacher Contact Information will be given during the 7/3 Meet and Greet.
  • Transcripts - Operations Staff
    • 805.702.1547
  • General Questions/Concerns
    • Lily Coffeen
      • 805.266.2511
    • Jason Angell
      • 805.956.1913
    • Stacey Roth
      • 805.702.1734