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Summer School Referral

Dear Summer School Family,

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. Should you need assistance, please click on COVID-19: Community Resources on this website for a list of local resources.
We are in this together!

As you begin to plan for summer intersession, please know Vista Real is ready to help you!
You have two options available to submit your Summer Referral Form.
Download the PDF referral form, scan or take a picture of it and submit the form via email. Contact your preferred site for further instruction. Phone numbers listed below.

If you prefer, you can submit the on-line referral form on this page. Either way, a member from our staff will be in contact with you to schedule a summer enrollment orientation for parent and student.

Summer Referral Forms are still being accepted!
The last day you can enroll for summer intersession is Friday, June 26, 2020.
Ventura Unified requires a counselor’s approval for credits to be accepted. Please reach out to your school counselor for assistance.

Thank you and please take care!

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